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Membership Benefits

Our goal is to provide an environment where cyclists of every level and interest can develop their cycling skills and fitness by participating in cycling related activities via Mystic Velo Club.  Being a member of the club and riding is a great way to get faster, stay in great shape, meet new active friends and ride or race for fun.

The biggest benefit of being a Mystic Velo Club member is that the Club provides a setting for sporting cyclists to pursue their interests and stay active and healthy, while enjoying the camaraderie that cycling provides. If you are interested in the well-being of cycling in the Eastern CT area but do not have time to actively promote cycling, just being a member of the Mystic Velo Club benefits cycling in our part of the state by increasing the visibility of cyclists in general.

Club member discounts at area bike shops

Mystic Velo Club members enjoy a generous discounts at both Wayfarer Bike Shop and Niantic Bay Bicycles.  Both shops offer a wide range of cycling products and can get you on your way in an event of mechanical malfunction with your steed.


To race competitively at the regional or national level requires membership in a cycling club that is registered with the racing organization. Mystic Velo Club is registered with all the regional and national level racing organizations that host competitive cycling events.  
In fact, membership in the club is required to participate in the club level competitive events. Because competitive cycling is not a risk-free activity, we must provide insurance for each rider that participates in our events. This is only possible through a club based organization.

USA Cycling and USA Triathlon both prefer race participants to be a member of a registered club. Mystic Velo Club is registered with both the USA Cycling and USA Triathlon.

Junior Team Race Reimbursement

The Mystic Velo Club offers a race entry fee reimbursement program for those Junior members who are part of the Junior race team and race while wearing the Mystic Velo Club Jersey.  In addition each Junior member receives a free team issued Kit and at times reduced cost cycling equipment such as shoes and helmets.
We feel that the benefits of becoming a member of Mystic Velo Club far exceed the cost of membership.  We would love to have you Join our group!!